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Daily Poll Summaries

Ron Paul moves out in front of Fred Thompson with the most number of straw poll wins.


With Ron Paul's win at the Wake County Young Republicans Straw Poll, Ron Paul has taken sole posession of the lead with respect to total number of straw poll victories. Fred Thompson is in second place with 24 straw poll wins, and Mitt Romney whose 22 wins finishes out the Top 3.

Mitt Romney has won several straw polls in various counties across South Carolina which has somewhat inflated his number. Most of Fred Thompson's wins occurred in the April through July timeframe.

Ron Paul is the candidate that is dominating straw poll after straw poll at the moment. But because Paul supporters are very reliable in posting Paul's straw poll victories we tend to be able to update Ron Paul victories faster than those of other candidates. i.e. Fred Thompson may have won straw polls that we are still unaware of at the moment.

Candidate # Wins
Ron Paul 25
Fred Thompson 24
Mitt Romney 22
Rudy Giuliani 7
John McCain 5
Mike Huckabee 2
Duncan Hunter 2
Alan Keyes 0



Here are the full results.

Straw Poll Date Winner
Wake County Young Republicans Straw Poll 12/10/07 Ron Paul
San Diego County Republican Straw Poll 12/7/07 Mitt Romney
Republican Party of Virginia Straw Poll 12/1/07 Ron Paul
The Patriot Primary Straw Poll AM 1280 (Minnetonka, MN) 11/28/07 Ron Paul
Fresno County GOP Straw Poll, Fresno, CA 11/15/07 Ron Paul
New York State Republican Straw Poll 11/7/07 Ron Paul
Graham County Republican Party 11/5/07 Mitt Romney
Teton County Republican Party, Jackson Hole, WY 11/3/07 Mitt Romney
Springfield Metropolitan Republican Club, Springfield, MO 11/1/07 Ron Paul
Laramie County GOP Straw Poll, Cheyenne, WY 10/28/07 Ron Paul
Milton Township Republican Central Committee 10/27/07 Rudy Giuliani
Bismarck North Dakota Straw Poll 10/26/07 Mitt Romney
South Sound Ronald Reagan Club 10/25/07 Ron Paul
San Mateo Democrat Straw Poll 10/21/07 John Edwards
Values Voters Straw Poll 10/20/07 Mitt Romney
Jefferson County AL Straw Poll 10/14/07 Ron Paul
Conservative Leadership Conference Straw Poll 10/13/07 Ron Paul
WSRP Fall Dinner 10/10/07 Rudy Giuliani
Tulsa State Fair 10/8/07 Ron Paul
Sunriver Straw Poll 10/7/07 Barack Obama
Oregon Straw Poll 10/6/07 Ron Paul
Gwinnett County Straw Poll 9/30/07 Ron Paul
National Federation of Republican Women (Palm Springs,CA) 9/29/07 Rudy Giuliani
Conservatives With Attitude New Jersey Straw Poll 9/29/07 Ron Paul
Puyallup Fair 2007 9/26/07 Fred Thompson
South Sound Ronald Reagan Republican Club 9/26/07 Ron Paul
Mackinac Straw Poll 9/24/07 Mitt Romney
Ohio Republican Party Straw Poll 9/24/07 Fred Thompson
Oklahoma County GOP Poll 9/23/07 Fred Thompson
Palmetto Family Council Straw Poll 9/20/07 Mike Huckabee
Husker Harvest Days HHD Farm Bureau Straw Poll 9/18/07 Fred Thompson
Gregg County Fair Straw Poll 9/18/07 Hillary Clinton
Values Voter Debate (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 9/17/07 Mike Huckabee
Veteran's Park Straw Poll 9/16/07 Ron Paul
Husker Harvest Days HHD Farm Bureau Straw Poll 9/14/07 Barack Obama
Texas ePrimary survey 9/11/07 John Edwards
Washington State GOP Straw Poll 9/9/07 Ron Paul
Convention of San Diego Clubs 9/8/07 Hillary Clinton
Blue Hill Fair 9/6/07 Hillary Clinton
Maryland Republican Party Straw Poll 9/5/07 Ron Paul
GOP Presidential Straw Poll 9/5/07 Fred Thompson
Texas Straw Poll 9/1/07 Duncan Hunter
Kentucky State Fair Republican Straw Poll 8/29/07 Mitt Romney
Kentucky State Fair Democratic Straw Poll 8/29/07 Hilary Clinton
Local Cafe Lompoc California 8/28/07 Hillary Clinton
Allegheny County Straw Poll 8/27/07 Ron Paul
Dekalb County Straw Poll 8/24/07 Ron Paul
HRCC Presidential Straw Poll 8/22/07 Fred Thompson
Ronald Reagan Club's South Sound Republican Straw Poll 8/22/07 Ron Paul
District 8 Democrats Arizona 8/21/07 Al Gore
West Alabama Republican Assembly 8/18/07 Ron Paul
Tippecanoe County Republican West Lafayette Indiana Straw Poll 8/18/07 Fred Thompson
Strafford County (NH) Republican Party 8/18/07 Ron Paul
Illinois Republican Party 8/16/07 Mitt Romney
Republican Party County Chairmen 8/16/07 Fred Thompson
Western State Fair 8/15/07 Fred Thompson
Gaston County (NC) Republican Party 8/14/07 Ron Paul
Iowa Straw Poll (Ames, IA) 8/11/07 Mitt Romney
Kane County Fair Illinois 8/9/07 Barack Obama
Dupage County Fair Illinois 8/9/07 Barack Obama
National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) Convention 8/5/07 Fred Thompson
Wisconsin Valley Fair 8/5/07 Hillary Clinton
VDP Presidential Straw Poll 8/1/07 Barack Obama
Georgetown County Straw Poll 7/28/07 Fred Thompson
Massachusetts Straw Poll 7/26/07 Mitt Romney
Arkansas Republican Assembly Convention Straw Poll Clarksville AR 7/22/07 Fred Thompson
Fulton County Republican Barbecue 7/21/07 Fred Thompson
Nez Perce County Straw Poll 7/16/07 Barack Obama
Utah GOP Convention Straw Poll 7/10/07 Mitt Romney
Olathe Kansas GOP Picnic 7/7/07 Fred Thompson
9th Annual CNHT Family Reunion Picnic 7/7/07 Ron Paul
Young Republicans Hollywood Florida 7/6/07 Mitt Romney
Cobb County GOP 7/4/07 Fred Thompson
Delaware Conservative Bloggers Alliance All 6/21/07 Rudy Giuliani
South Sound Ronald Reagan Club 6/21/07 Fred Thompson
National Taxpayers Conference 6/16/07 Fred Thompson
Ohio 5th District Straw Poll 6/8/07 Fred Thompson
Macomb County Michigan 6/5/07 Tom Tancredo
Georgia Liberty Caucus and the Georgia Young Republicans 5/19/07 Fred Thompson
South Sound Ronald Reagan Club 5/17/07 Fred Thompson
WisPolitics.com Offline Poll 5/12/07 Fred Thompson
Washington GOP Straw Poll 5/5/07 Fred Thompson
Lexington County Convention Straw Poll 4/27/07 Mitt Romney
Ronald Reagan Club (South Sound) 4/26/07 Fred Thompson
California Republican Assembly 4/24/07 Fred Thompson
Falls Church Straw Poll 4/23/07 John Edwards
Greenville County 4/21/07 Mitt Romney
Richland County 4/21/07 Mitt Romney
Clarendon County GOP Convention 4/14/07 John McCain
Greenwood County 4/14/07 John McCain
Horry County 4/14/07 Mitt Romney
Orangeburg County 4/14/07 Mitt Romney
York County 4/14/07 Mitt Romney
Charleston County 4/13/07 Mitt Romney
Newberry County 4/9/07 Mitt Romney
Beaufort County 4/7/07 Mitt Romney
Dillon County 4/7/07 John McCain
Florence County 4/7/07 John McCain
Middlesex GOP 3/31/07 Rudy Giuliani
Summit County Republican Presidential Straw Poll 3/25/07 Rudy Giuliani
Maryland Democratic Party's 2008 Blue Crab Presidential Poll 3/7/07 Barack Obama
Minnesota Caucus Straw Poll 3/7/07 Hillary Clinton
York County Democrats 3/5/07 Chris Dodd
York County Democrats 3/5/07 Chris Dodd
Conservative Political Action Conference 3/3/07 Mitt Romney
Spartanburg County Straw Poll 3/2/07 John McCain
Florida State Fair Dem Presidential Straw Poll 2/19/07 Hillary Clinton
Nebraska Democrats 2/15/07 Hillary Clinton
Maricopa County Republican 1/13/07 Duncan Hunter
New York Presidential Straw Poll 11/16/06 Rudy Giuliani
Conservative Convention Virginia 11/11/06 Newt Gingrich
Wisconsin GOP Convention 5/21/06 George Allen
Southern Republican Leadership Conference's Straw Poll 3/12/06 Bill Frist
Conservative Political Action Conference 2/12/06 George Allen
Conservative Political Action Conference 2/12/06 Hillary Clinton
Maine Democratic Party TBD 0/0/00



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