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Daily Poll Summaries

Ron Paul is the Current Straw Poll Leader

Ron Paul moves out in front of Fred Thompson with the most number of straw poll wins.


With Ron Paul's win at the Wake County Young Republicans Straw Poll, Ron Paul has taken sole posession of the lead with respect to total number of straw poll victories. Fred Thompson is in second place with 24 straw poll wins, and Mitt Romney whose 22 wins finishes out the Top 3.

Mitt Romney has won several straw polls in various counties across South Carolina which has somewhat inflated his number. Most of Fred Thompson's wins occurred in the April through July timeframe.

Ron Paul is the candidate that is dominating straw poll after straw poll at the moment. But because Paul supporters are very reliable in posting Paul's straw poll victories we tend to be able to update Ron Paul victories faster than those of other candidates. i.e. Fred Thompson may have won straw polls that we are still unaware of at the moment.

Candidate # Wins
Ron Paul 25
Fred Thompson 24
Mitt Romney 22
Rudy Giuliani 7
John McCain 5
Mike Huckabee 2
Duncan Hunter 2
Alan Keyes 0

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